DPI Professor Snow Yunxue Fu exhibits 3 interactive installations at the Times Art Museum in Chongqing, China

Friday, Sep 15, 2023

Two people stand to the left observing two museum-goers seated on the floor interacting with an inflatable pool mounted to the ceiling

Snow Yunxue Fu, Trench, 2023 (Installation in Runaway Paradise: Let’s Entertain Exhibition, Times Art Museum)

This past summer, DPI Professor Snow Yunxue Fu was featured in the Runaway Paradise: Let’s Entertain Exhibition at the Times Art Museum (时代美术馆) in Chongqing, China, curated by Raiden INST (雷电所). The three media artwork installations shown were interactive works which allowed the audience to experience them in different ways and were titled Run – Valley City, Trench, and Karst

Professor Snow was very glad to see her three pieces in person when she visited China over the summer, and is deeply thankful to the curation team at the Times Art Museum for their beautiful work on installing her projects. She is especially grateful to Xinchen Du for extending the invitation, as well as Yushu Ouyang, the museum's Director.

Raiden INST was founded in 2020, focused on exploring the boundaries of art, sci-tech, nature, their intrinsic connection to humans through interdisciplinary collaboration, and a dedication to practicing display possibilities outside the white box as a curator, artist, and other identities with an emphasis on strong flexibility and cooperativity. The name "Raiden" (same as thunder) refers to the symbolic meaning of its physical principle— "Raiden" is an electrical discharge phenomenon between clouds (within the art world), clouds to clouds (interdisciplinary), or clouds to earth (art and public culture). This discharge also symbolizes communication, collaboration, and energy transformation. Raiden INST hopes to provide a platform for incubating, exhibiting, and spreading young artists' practices based on reality and social context. Rooted in the changes in contemporary art ecology, Raiden INST will continue to optimize its own mechanisms and link up with domestic and international institutions in order to present new projects and exhibitions.