DPI Faculty Mark Bussell curates Psalms Experience Gallery

Monday, Oct 23, 2017

Department of Photography & Imaging adjunct faculty member Mark Bussell has curated an online gallery entitled 150 Psalms, 150 Photographs for Lincoln Center's White Light Festival.

The images are culled from The New York Times photo archive, with which Bussell is intimately familar as the former Picture Editor for the The New York Times and The New York Times Magazine.

With the online Psalms gallery, Bussell draws connections between faith, artwork, and photojournalism. 

"Photographs are made from light. It’s the light that allows us to capture images of hope and horror—images that, in turn, allow us to see and take action.  The Psalms are poems to be sung. They express awe at the world’s beauty; they are sung in prayerful hope for justice or solace in the face of suffering. Those early songs still resonate, expressing elation and weariness, joy and despair."