DPI Faculty Joseph Rodriguez publishes Spanish Harlem: El Barrio in the '80's

Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017

A family in Harlem play cards around the table

Cover of "Spanish Harlem"

Joseph Rodriguez, a longtime faculty member in the Tisch Department of Photography & Imaging, is publishing a new monograph in conjunction with powerHouse Books. Sales begin on November 21.

Rodriguez's influential work documenting Latino communities in Spanish Harlem has been ongoing for decades, but many images in the book will be seen for the first time and in new contexts.

"The heart of the work comes from Rodriguez’s intimacy and access. The trust and familiarity he built with his subjects—repeated visits with no camera, then no photographing, then little by little, a peek here, a shot there—allowed him to transcend surface level sheen and exploitation to capture images that reveal the essence of the neighborhood and of the era. That access paired with a sharp eye for detail and composition, and the practiced and disciplined ability to find the perfect moment, led to the creation of an entirely unique and breathtaking narrative." (powerHouse Books)

The Guardian recently featured a selection of images from the upcoming monograph. Click the link below to view, including captions and commentary by Rodriguez.