DPI Alum Sam Contis in Photograph Mag

Wednesday, Jul 5, 2017

A review of DPI alum Sam Contis' (BFA '04) show at BAMPFA was featured in the most recent issue Photography. The exhibition focuses on a series of photographs of Deep Springs College, "a two-year, all-male, liberal-arts institution that emphasizes physical labor and self-governance in an academic setting" and its students.

In 2013, Oakland-based photographer Sam (short for Samantha) Contis set out to investigate the mythology linking masculinity and the conquest of the American West through photographs of Deep Springs College. Her series, published by MACK earlier this year and on view at BAMPFA through August 27, explores a number of contemporary issues – identity, hotly debated definitions of gender, and the value of a college education versus learning a trade.

Click below for more info. samanthacontis.com