Caitlin Berrigan’s 'Unfinished State'

Thursday, Apr 14, 2016

Faculty member Caitlin Berrigan was interviewed by Jacquelyn Gleisner for Art21 Magazine about her ongoing project and book entitlted Unfinished State. 

Caitlin Berrigan’s Unfinished State is an ongoing project and the title of a book encompassing postcards, photographs, and writings. The book’s contents explore how conflict has affected the real estate development, property distribution, and landscape of the country of Lebanon. Spanning several decades, the Lebanese Civil War (1975–90) produced an abundance of buildings throughout the country that are stuck in the beginning stages of development: concrete armatures of unfinished structures, forming a web of ghost architecture fixed in time. Berrigan, an artist who works across spatial and temporal media, has endeavored in her project to renew the collective imagination of possible futures for these buildings and the landscape of Lebanon. Unfinished State moves across science fiction and forgotten environments, complicated by present systems of power.

Click here to see the full article and more images from the book.