Join us for an evening with contributors to this wide-ranging new book of essays and images which "chart how women's profound and turbulent experiences of migration have been articulated in writing, photography, art and film."

Speakers will include the book's editors chair of the Department of Photography & Imaging Deborah Willis, Ellyn Toscano, and DPI faculty Kalia Brooks Nelson, and contributors Marianne HirschSarah Kahn, DPI professor Editha MesinaPamela Newkirk, DPI professor Lorie Novak, Vanessa Perez, Gunja Sengupta and Paulette Young.

The co-editors set the stage in their introduction: "Women have been part of global and historical movements of peoples to escape war, avoid persecution, uprooted for work, for security; we have been uprooted, stolen, trafficked, enslaved; we have moved rationally, for an education, a job, health care. We have been pushed off our land by climate change. We have moved and migrated for deeply private and personal reasons -- to reach our potential freely, to lead a meaningful life, to secure a future for ourselves and our families. We have sailed, flown, driven and walked. Some of us have not survived the journey.