DPI 2021 BFA Virtual Exhibition

collage of images from the dpi bfa 2021 exhibition

The DPI BFA 2021 Exhibition showcases 31 senior thesis projects from the graduating class of 2021 in the NYU Tisch Department of Photography & Imaging. The projects run the gamut from traditional-lens based-portraiture and documentary imagery to experimental, multimedia, and conceptually photo-based works. 

As a group, the artists collectively address issues of identity, family, history, memory, cultural heritage, migration, borders, labor, adoption, gender, drug abuse, mental heath, visual perception, mythology the COVID-19 pandemic, and more.

In this exhibition

Alina Patrick
Ukraine: Losing Homeland

Andrés Guerrero
Huellas en la Frontera (Footprints on the Border)

Ayesha Kazim
This Home of Ours


Beste Zan AKA Zanny
Fire of Istanbul; Where the Wild Things Roam, and Sometimes Break Out.

Brian Uchiyama
Sight Unseen

Clara Jeanne Reed

Chloé Dugourd
Toile de Jouy (Cloth from Jouy)

Cydney Blitzer
An Adoptee Story

Elisa Lopez
To Lenora, With Love

Ellie Bates
Design Through Time

Gabriela Aleksova
Там на Балкана | There, on the Balkan

Grace Hinchen
Surf Montauk

Ju Yeon Lee
Lost Village, Forgotten People

Katina Pennington

Kavya Krishna
A Town in America

Lauren Stone
Gun Violence

Matt Bernstein

Meghan Marshall
The Sociolinguistics of Edible Women

Melody Ball
Soy Quien Soy (I am who I am)

Muhammet Gencoglu
Once We Meet Again

Natasha Fradkin
Modern Antiquity

Noa Eden
Re-Imaging the Past II

Pema Dolkar
The Tibetan Nanny

the new aristocrats

Roxanne Dierking
I can hear my heart beat.

Shelby Kraut

Shina Tser-shiuan Peng

Tejan Rahim
In the Teeth of the Most Terrifying Odds

Zhenghao Wang
An Inner Journey

Zoe Shields
Pixel Play