Class of 2020 remarks by Sammy Nelson

Hi all

I don't have much that I think I could say that we aren't all feeling. I honestly don't really feel too much loss without Yankees Stadium or Radio City but the absence of show two has really been the thing that's made my senior year feel incomplete. While I know the work will eventually make its way up, that half of our class put so much of themselves into this event and have it so suddenly taken away hurts. It hurts because this was the year I finally feel I got closer with so many in my class, it was no longer just my school showing work but these impressive people who I admire.

I think I have this added benefit of working in the cage where I get to see bits and pieces of so many of you, asking how shoots went as you return lights or tripods or getting the lowdown on classes I didn't have time to take.

We're a pretty small class in a pretty small department and though I have not taken classes with everyone, I know you and I'm excited for you. As for the professors and administration, I was just having this conversation with someone in the department, I feel like I admire and get FaceTime with the professors of DPI a lot more than students in other programs do. It's easy to take for granted when we, as art students, are kind of perpetually stressed and just bustling about trying to get what we need done, but the fact that ever-present Caleb, Adam, Niki, Mary, and Patricia were not only there to help and chat but know EVERYONE'S NAME really made the 8th floor a sort of home for the past 4 years.

I'll end by just saying that I'm genuinely saddened that there are those of you I am not closer with. I really was excited by all the new friendships I've found among our class in the past tw paths may cross in some way. I hope to see you all when Show 2 finds it's way up!