Year Two

Composer/Lyricist/Bookwriter teams are formed at the end of Year One. Each collaborative team spends Year Two writing a full-length thesis musical.

While writing your thesis musical, you attend Labs, Seminars, Tutorials, and Master Classes:


Year Two Labs are an intimate weekly critique experience with an advising faculty team of three (a composer, a lyricist, and a librettist), your collaborator and you. Each week you present new material from your thesis musical.


Year Two Seminars continue the study of masterpieces of contemporary and historical musical theatre. Seminars also illuminate practical information about the production process, as well as the legal aspects and business of musical theatre.


You will attend tutorials in your discipline, concentrating on writing the full-length musical.

Master Classes

As in the first year Master Classes are offered by established directors, choreographers, composers, lyricists, bookwriters, producers and designers.

Life After

A series of seminars on the business of being a creator of musical theatre.

Year Two Optional Classes & Additional Opportunities

  • Scene to Song with New Studio on Broadway (NSB)

    A continuation of our collaboration with faculty and students from Tisch Drama’s New Studio on Broadway. Working with actors and a director you will bring various moments in your thesis musical to life.

  • Composer Lyricist Class

    An opportunity for those of you who write both words and music to flex your composer/lyricist muscles.