On Your Radar: Sara Crow

Sara Crow

Sara Crow

On Your Radar is a weekly Grad Film News Segment that features a student picked at Random.

Where do you consider home and what is it like there?

I've lived in New York for over a decade, and it is definitely home to me now. It seems like everyone I know here has a complicated relationship with living in this city, but for me it is such an easy and obvious fit. There's nowhere else I really want to live! I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a teenager, I thought it was the ugliest place on the planet, which is baffling to me now. I used to say that "everything is brown and dead!" but now I have so much love and appreciation for the desert. Sometimes the wildlife out there is so crazy and almost prehistoric-looking that it makes me feel like I come from another planet...which is probably sort-of true.

What is currently inspiring you as a filmmaker?

Reading! I love books, but fell totally out of the habit of reading when I got to Grad School because I was so consumed with work. I finally broke my dry spell and am now super excited to get on the subway every day and spend an hour with a book. When I'm reading regularly, it's very creatively generative for me, and I start writing a lot more myself. I just finished "The Chronology of Water" by Lidia Yuknavitch and the "Copenhagen Trilogy" by Tove Ditlevsen, both of which are memoirs that I loved.

What has been your most rewarding experience at NYU Tisch Grad Film so far?

I'm blown away by the faculty in this program. Before coming, I expected and hoped that the professors would live up to the reputation of the school, but being a somewhat skeptical person, I didn't really expect it to be the case. Almost every faculty member I've gotten to study with has changed my life in some capacity. They are brilliant artists themselves and wonderful, challenging, and perceptive educators. It's hard to track how much I've learned and in some ways it's probably immeasurable, but seeing how much my classmates have grown and evolved, all while staying true to their unique voices, is evidence enough that they must be doing something right.

Website: www.sara-crow.com