On Your Radar: Chris Del Rio Solorzano

Chris Del Rio Solorzano

Chris Del Rio Solorzano

On Your Radar is a weekly Grad Film News Segment that features a student picked at Random.

Where do you consider home and what is it like there?

Home has always been a complex concept for me. I can  answer clearly where “I’m from,” but as an immigrant and someone who considers themselves both bicultural and bilingual, home has always been elusive for me. I’ve lived in 8 different cities at 15 different addresses, not one of which I’ve stayed in longer than 5 years.  Despite having spent the last 20 years in the US, I think Mexico City will always feel like home to me. It’s where I was born, and it’s also home to the two houses I’ve lived in the longest. My partner and I have been notoriously bad at allowing ourselves to fully settle into a place (we’ve lived in six different apartments in the last eight years). Home will likely be something I’m always in search of, despite me growing more comfortable with its nebulous and temporary nature. I have an appreciation and nostalgia for all the different places I’ve been able to call home.

What is currently inspiring you as a filmmaker?

The last three years at Tisch have helped me realize that my inspiration comes from an internal place. I’ve gravitated to make films as a means of expressing particular emotions or intellectual curiosities that are hard to put into words. Right now, I’ve been inspired by my relationships, my observations of friends and family, and my concerns for our societal problems. That’s where my stories come from. I then marry those to visuals afterwards. Recently I’ve become obsessed with analyzing light in naturally occurring settings and taking note of its qualities. I find myself gravitating to natural sources of broken and diffused sunlight. My work as a cinematographer and my experience working closely with fellow directors has been a big source of inspiration these past two years. 

What has been your most rewarding experience at NYU Tisch Grad Film so far?

The second year showcase last fall felt really special. It was so rewarding and inspiring to see the culmination of my cohort’s efforts on their second year films on a large screen surrounded by friends and family. Crewing on my classmates’ films and watching my classmates grow throughout the process of bringing their ideas to the screen was incredibly informative and inspiring. I often felt like being with my classmates on the tenth floor was like being part of a big art therapy group. We all experienced similar struggles and feelings of self-doubt, but I experienced time and time again my classmates sharing words of encouragement and admiration for each other and their work. I came to film school to be in a supportive environment and to be a part of a community, and I feel very supported by my classmates and faculty.

My website is www.christiandelrio.com and my instagram handle is @xrisdelrio