ON YOUR RADAR: Laura Valladao

Friday, Jan 22, 2016

Photo of grad film student, Laura Valladao.

Laura Valladao

“On Your Radar” is a weekly Grad Film News segment that features a student picked at random.

Laura is currently a thesis student and adjunct instructor at Grad Film.   We asked her a few questions and here’s what she had to say:

Where are you from and what is it like there?

As a kid in the San Francisco Bay Area, I camped in the redwoods, bought penis shaped cookies in the Castro, and went to concerts at the Fillmore. I spent hours at the Port of Oakland watching the cranes load container ships and got kicked out of a bar for having a push up contest with a navy sailor on leave. I came of age in a foggy world of eccentrics and activists. The Bay raised me with a strong sense of community.

2. What or who is inspiring you right now and why?

Recently I've been doing a lot of still photography.  I have always been a kinetic learner, so for me, existing in a physical space inspires me to find new perspectives through the lens. This real world photography work has informed my process on set as a Cinematographer.  When I get to set, one of the first things that I do is turn off all of the lights and sit in the space. I observe the existing light and make decisions about how I want the space to feel.

3. What has been your most rewarding experience at NYU Tisch Grad Film so far?

As a DP, the most rewarding experiences I've had at NYU have been working with directors who challenge me. Each collaboration is different and each project is it's own. As you move forward with your plan, the universe interjects, and the film ultimately teaches you how to shoot it. What I love about shooting is that I learn something from each story and each director that I can bring with me.

Visit Laura’s website here.