James Franco Launches Film Studio

Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

'Yosemite' Courtesy of Variety

Alum James Franco has launched a nonprofit film studio that combines his production company, Rabbit Bandini, with the charity Art of Elysium, to make Elysium Bandini Studios.

"The Studio will support the film projects of students and professionals, with any proceeds going entirely to Art of Elysium. The 19-year-old charity brings actors and other artists into contact with people in need — from hospitalized children, to the elderly and homeless to, soon, veterans and prisoners. As many as 4,000 artists work with needy clients on projects ranging from essays to poetry to plays, films and art installations." (Variety)

One of the first features made by the studio was Yosemite, a film by alum Gabrielle Demeestere. 

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