'PIGLET PIGLET' by Grad Film Alum Tsung-Yen Lin featured in UTA NEXT GEN

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023


TSUNG-YEN LIN (Courtesy of United Talent Agency)

‘PIGLET PIGLET’, a short film by Grad Film alum Tsung-Yen Lin, was featured in United Talent Agency’s inaugural student film showcase – UTA Next Gen. 

The film follows a woman as she struggles to share the news of her unexpected pregnancy with her career-focused husband as the future of their nation is being decided in a pivotal election.

Tsung-Yen was one of six filmmakers selected for the showcase which called on top-rated American film institutions to nominate student work with exemplary artistry, including editors, cinematographers, costume designers, production designers, visual effects artists, stunt coordinators, choreographers and makeup designers.

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