Inspired by the Hollywood Black List, NYU Grad Film presents The Purple List: the top production ready feature screenplays written by students or recent alums of the Grad Film Program.

As determined by our faculty and voted on by an outside panel of industry professionals.

Purple List coordinator 2023: Ifeyinwa Arinze

  • BURNOUT by Swetha Regunathan


    When Anil Gill suggests he's handing over the family's cannabis farm to one of his sons, errant Sam and steadfast Jai compete against each other for their inheritance. But as the brothers become drawn to a young trimmer, they're both led down a path of mutually assured destruction.

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  • FATE MORELAND’S WIDOW by Joshua Foster


    The ambitious son of textile mill workers in the Deep South is drawn into the morally ambiguous world of mill fortunes, union politics and Appalachian foothills justice.

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  • HAAZER by Pepi Ginsberg


    When a young woman goes missing at an elite fraternity party, a queer freshman pledge on a wrestling scholarship becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance, entering the jaws of college hazing season and finding a chance at love and redemption as he attempts to clear his name.

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  • MAY YOU OUTLIVE US by Isabelle Mecattaf


    One year after the explosion that rocked Beirut, four women living in the same house navigate a destroyed city and their own upended lives.

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