Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation

“The Cohen Foundation's generous gift to Tisch's Talent Identification Process has made it possible for dozens of high-achieving, high-need students to come to Tisch to receive a top-quality education in the arts. These are students who make incredible contributions to our classrooms and studios, but who otherwise would not have been able to afford a Tisch education. We are extremely proud of our Cohen Scholars, and deeply grateful to the Cohen Foundation for supporting their dreams.”

–Robert Cameron, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Support from the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation began in 2006, when it established scholarship funds for high school students wishing to study at the Tisch School’s Summer High School program. Since then, the Cohen Foundation has provided full scholarships to nearly 100 high school students. These full-time, college-level workshops help participants gain skills and knowledge, while also helping to build students’ portfolios for the undergraduate application process to Tisch.

In 2009, a leadership gift from the Cohen Foundation allowed Tisch to launch the Talent Identification Process (TIP), the school’s ambitious school-wide scouting effort. Over the past four years, TIP has evolved from a program to a systemic mandate, with the purpose of identifying, recruiting, admitting, yielding, supporting, and retaining the most talented art students in the country. With this gift, the Cohen Foundation has helped to provide a number of scholarships for high-performing, high-need students.

In 2013, the Foundation made a third commitment to continue the work of the Talent Identification Process. The renewed support of the Cohen Foundation ensures that the most promising young artists have an opportunity to fully develop their voices for the audiences of tomorrow, regardless of financial circumstances. Through the Cohen’s generosity, the Tisch School can help transform the most talented, passionate, and committed young people into polished artists ready to enter the professional world.