Searching for the Good - Audio Experience

Tuesday, Jun 1, 2021

Searching for the Good

Searching for the Good

"What have you missed? How are you feeling about reentry? And what’s your relationship with food like lately? Students from NYU’s Dramatic Writing community invite you to ponder these questions through seven stories taken from the last year of our lives. Grab your earphones, tie up your shoes and get ready for uncharted territory with this audio-based walking experience.

Written by: Inés Camina, Alanna N. Coby, Josh Miguel Ewing, Adrienne Gomez, Vaishnavi Padmanathan, Iraisa Ann Reilly, and Rose T.M.

Directed by: Mêlisa Annis Sound Design by: Brian Heveron-Smith

Performances by: Neil Hellegers, Clint Zugel, Amanda Bruton, Eileen Stevens, and Iraisa Ann Reilly

Artwork by Vaishnavi Padmanathan

This piece was created in Cusi Cram's "Writing for and About Community" class in the Rita and Burton Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts with additional support from a Dean's Grant."

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