Tisch West

Tisch West | The Official Tisch Alumni Los Angeles Community

Tisch West | The Official Tisch Alumni Los Angeles Community

NYU Tisch West is an alliance of LA based alumni from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

NYU Tisch West exists to increase the visibility of Tisch alumni working in the entertainment industry and to create professional inter-departmental collaborations and cross-generational relationships between alumni. NYU Tisch West is headed by The Tisch West Alumni Council, a working board that serves as the link between LA alumni and Tisch; the organizational arm for fundraising efforts in LA; and a bridge to ease the transition for alumni from East Coast to West -- the classroom to the entertainment business.

Tisch West is a volunteer run community. They are supported by NYU Tisch School of the Arts Alumni Relations.

Want to get involved with Tisch West or give feedback? Email the Tisch West Council at: tsoa.west@nyu.edu

Los Angeles Resources

Tisch LA Mentor Program

This annual program, run through the Tisch Offices of Career Development and Alumni Relations, is designed for recent graduates pursuing a career in the arts in Los Angeles. Participants are placed in small support groups of Tisch peers, which are led by industry mentors. These groups are designed to facilitate conversation about experiences adjusting to L.A., such as interviewing, apartment hunting, car shopping, etc. Each group works together to get its members settled, helping to plan and assess short- and long-term personal and professional goals while offering advice and guidance. Please note this is not a job placement program, nor is housing is provided.

The Tisch LA Mentor Program runs from September to May; participation is by application only and is limited to alumni who have graduated within the last three years.

To learn more, please click here.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 The Tisch LA Mentor Program is on hiatus and will not be offering a 2020-2021 cycle. Please check back in Spring 2021 for details about the 2021-2022 cycle application. 

NYU in LA Google Group

Tisch West manages this google group that is designed to foster communication amongst alumni. Apartment listings, script requests, job postings, upcoming shows -- this is resource where you are free to post and seek assistance from the community yourself.

To join, sign up by clicking here.

Tisch Represents

Tisch Represents is a community of Tisch alumni in Los Angeles dedicated to elevating underrepresented voices in television and film.

They offer year-round Community Events and an annual Tisch Represents LAB. The Community Events include classes, panels, roundtables, scene nights, and co-working days. The LAB is a collaborative project developed by a small group of writers, directors, and actors and is mentored by established showrunners, producers, and directors.

Tisch Represents is a volunteer run community. They are supported by NYU Tisch School of the Arts Alumni Relations.

You can find them here

NYU Alumni Club of Los Angeles

The NYU Alumni club of Los Angeles is our NYU proper (The schools other than Tisch) counterpart. They have a very active presence in Los Angeles and hosts many professional, social, academic, cultural, and service program opportunities.

They also frequently collaborate with Tisch West.

You can find their website here. To keep apprised of their latest events -- it is recommended you follow them on Facebook here

Tisch West Council

Matthew Morgenthaler Co-President '10 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV)
Raag Harshavat Co-President '12 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV)
Andra Gordon Council Member '10 (MA, Cinema Studies)
Adam Bonsib Council Member '10 (BFA, Kanbar Institute, Film & TV)
Sam Goss Council Member
'16 (MA, Cinema Studies)
Jeremy Boros Council Member
'12 (BFA, Drama)
Joe Brukner Council Member
'15 (MFA, Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing) 
Amelia Brain Council Member
'10 (BFA, Drama)
Tamir Yardenne Council Member
'86 (BFA, Dance)