Photo Permissions Guidelines

NYU’s Office of General Counsel has relayed that the University is experiencing a noticeable increase in complaints from photographers about unauthorized use of their photographs on NYU websites. This is a convenient time to remind everyone that it is important to ensure that NYU has the right to post the materials on its website. Be careful about using any third-party image provider though, and make sure to use common sense when evaluating if a photography is available for use in your posting. For example, just because an image on Wikipedia is labeled as being licensed under Creative Commons doesn’t mean that it is true—and the University has had to settle a complaint because of this erroneous designation. Photos For Use

Digital communications works closely with many groups to meet photography needs through the NYU website and provides a collection of stock photos available to CMS users of the central website. Anyone interested in learning more or needing help can reach out to at

NYU Photo Bureau

The NYU Photo Bureau can help you find existing photography or shoot new photography. The can be reached at

Model Release Form

And if you are shooting your own photography for blogs and the web, please use a model release form below, provided as a downloadable Word document.