Sheldon Woodbury

Adjunct Instructor

Photo of Sheldon Woodbury

Fundamentals of Developing the Screenplay

B.F.A Williams College
M.F.A. New York University (Tisch, Dramatic Writing)

Sheldon Woodbury is an award winning writer (screenplays, plays, books, short stories, and poetry). He's the author of  "Cool Million" (M. Evans & Co.) a how to guide on high concept screenwriting and co-author with D.B. Gilles of "W: The First 100 Days, A White House Jornal" (Andrews McMeel), a political parody.  His screenplay "The Book of Magic" won first prize in the Maniafest horror screenwriting competition and his latest screenplay "The Coming" was developed with producer Jeff Sagansky, the former President of Sony Pictures. His latest short stories are "Bones in a City Graveyard" in Bones 2  (JWK Publishing), “Dirty Minds” in Serial Killers Quattuor (JWK Publishing), "The Halloween House" in One Hellacious Halloween (Horror Novel Reviews), "Family Affair" in Clerics, Charlatans & Cultists (Gothic City Press), “Last Call” in Weird Ales: Another Shot (Quantum Corsets), “Payback is a Bitch” in We are Dust and Shadow (JWK Fiction), “Between Heaven and Hell” in Demonic Possession (JWK Fiction), “Holy War” in No Sight for the Saved (JWK Fiction), “A Beautiful Horror” in Hell II: Citizens (JWK Fiction), “The Holy Ghost” in Ghosts Revenge (JWK Fiction), "The God of Flesh" in Final Masquerade (Lycan Valley Press) “A White Farewell with a Splash of Red” in Once Bitten (KnightWatch Press), "Underworld" in What Dwells Below (SirensCall Publications),"Magic Macabre" in Toys in the Attic (JWK Ficition), and "Down Where Her Nightmares Dwell" in Year's Best Body Horror 2017 (Gehenna & Hinnon Press). His flash fiction stories have appeared many times on the website Hellnotes (JournalStone Publishing) and other stories on Popcorn Fiction (Mulholland Books) and Horror Novel Reviews, where he's also a book reviewer. His article, “Heroes that Rock” appeared in Writer’s Digest Magazine. The World on Fire, his horror novel, was published September, 2014 by JWK Fiction. His poem "The Castle at the Edge of the World" is in Gothic Tales of Terror (Verto Publishing) and other poems have been in Dark Gothic Resurrected magazine and other publications.