Robert Benevides

Assistant Arts Professor, Area Head of Special FX Makeup

Photo of Robert Benevides

A visual artist since childhood, I have always been filled with a burning desire to tell stories with my art. Primarily self taught and armed with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film from NYU, I entered the professional world of filmmaking in 1989 as a special effects make-up artist. In this field, it takes a special mind that is part artist, part technician and part magician to transform actors into monsters, create creatures that do not exist in the real world, and portray violence in a realistic manner. My extensive experience in this art form, which requires many steps, has prepared me for the current method with which I create my photography. My creative process is innovative. I create all of the elements of my art separately and then bring them all together at the end to create a seamless, coherent and powerful image. My methodology consists of digital capture, digital imaging and digital compositing. I begin with creating concept art illustrations and paintings and then moving into casting, prop and costume design and fabrication, hair and make up design, directing, digital photography, green screen and finally post-production. I draw inspiration from the writings of Joseph Campbell, the lighting of the Pre-Raphaelites painters, the landscapes of the Hudson River School painters, the compositions of Gustave Dore, the power of Frank Frazetta and the innovations of contemporary Japanese concept artists. Ultimately, each time I grow as an artist, I grow as an individual and a teacher. I strive to inspire by showing that creativity has no limit and that technology is simply another tool to create art. I measure my success by the invisibility of my technical virtuosity and the power of my images to elevate the audience's heart and spark their imagination.


Special Effects Makeup I
Special Effects Makeup II


BFA: New York University (Tisch, Film and Television)
Graduate: Dick Smith Advanced Make Up Course
Metropolitan Opera Make Up Apprenticeship Program