Alex Hawthorn

Adjunct Instructor

Alexander Hawthorn


NYU: BFA, Theater (’08). CalArts: MFA, Art & Technology and Composition & Experimental Sound Practices with a focus in Integrated Media (’23)

Studio affiliation:

Production & Design Studio

Alex Hawthorn (b. 1986) (they/them) is an artist, composer, and technologist whose work flows between performance, installation, object-making, and sound-making. As a non-binary interdisciplinary artist, Hawthorn is most comfortable outside prescriptive boxes, allowing their research and intuition to shape the form and medium of their projects. They use their work as a lens through which to investigate the natural world, specifically focusing on time: how we experience it, how we have codified it, and how we exist within it. Their work in theatrical sound design has garnered them an Obie award, LA Ovation Awards, and has been heard across North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. But most recently they’ve been focusing on writing, coding, and hiking.  IG: @AFHawthorn