Tisch Asia Alumni Premiere "The Vampire of Sheung Shui" at HAF

Friday, Mar 22, 2024

Sneakers covered in blood in an alley

Tasia Films Limited/70 Plus Production Company Limited

Tisch Asia alumni director Shreyom Ghosh and screenwriter D.F.W. Buckingham recently premiered their horror-comedy “The Vampire of Sheung Shui” at the 22nd Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) where it took home the Network of Asian Fantastic Films (NAFF) Award. Set in Hong Kong and featuring an Indian protagonist, Ghosh calls the film a “late coming-of-age story about taking charge of your life and a celebration of Hong Kong's diversity wherein the most dangerous character is definitely not the vampire.” 

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Written by D.F.W. Buckingham (“Finding Love in Sisters”), the film will follow Lokesh, a slacker in his 30s, living with orthodox Jain parents in a sleepy Hong Kong suburb, waiting to take over the family jewelry store and move to the U.K. after selling it. When his father announces his retirement, Lokesh must show that he can be responsible and adhere to the values of his family’s traditions or lose the store to his annoying cousin. The problem is that Lokesh is turning into a bloodthirsty vampire. Now he must find a way to survive on blood without hurting people, while also proving to his family that he’s not a total leech.”