New Musical by GMTWP Alum Sarah Hirsch Receives Reading

Tuesday, Jun 11, 2019

Sarah Hirsch (Cycle 21)

Sarah Hirsch (Cycle 21)

New Musical THE BOOK OF HOLDING ON by GMTWP Alum Sarah Hirsch (Cycle 21) received a reading this past June with the Dramatists Guild. 

THE BOOK OF HOLDING ON is a drama about a 13-year-old girl who is so terrified of change that she attempts to "freeze the world" by sabotaging all the change happening to her family and friends.  The show explores heavy themes like teenage mental illness (particularly obsessive thoughts) while mixing in lots of humor.

The show was directed by Noah Himmelstein (I Am Harvey Milk, Los Otros) and music-directed by Anna Dagmar (Waitress, Antigone in Ferguson).  The cast featured Lisa Howard, Colin Hanlon, Samia Mounts, Jimmy Ray Bennett, Noah Zachary, Rosemarie Chandler, Sam Tedaldi, Laura Dadap, and Linedy Genao.