Alan Watson

Adjunct Instructor

Alan Watson photo

Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Alan has been dancing since he was 13, when he started popping, waving and gliding. His aspirations and academic aptitude brought him to New York City at the age of 18. During his early years as an undergrad at NYU, he flourished in dance, learning street styles, co-founding E.P.I.C. Motion Dance Company, and landing his first teaching job at 19.

Always a gifted freestyle dancer, Alan continued to study hip-hop, popping, and breakin’. His carefree personality and his love of funk music ultimately brought him to locking. Learning under Shock-a-lock, New York's first locker, Alan set his sights on locking battles and competitions across the US and Canada. In 2013, Alan took home the 1-on-1 Locking title at “Compete to the Beat” judged by the creator of locking, Don Campbell.

Alan’s abilities have allowed him to work with Superfly Productions, JetBlue, MTV’s Party for the People, and has performed live on the TODAY Show three times. The first of which, he danced back-up for Vanilla Ice and the most recent, he was part of the Guinness World Record for Largest Street Dance. In 2015, he launched an online channel to help wedding-goers learn basic steps for their next reception, garnering over 750,000 views.

Outside of NYU, Alan teaches at PMT Dance Studio specializing in teaching beginners. He is a Principal Dancer and Choreographer for PMT Dance Company and has performed in various venues with the company, including Alvin Ailey’s Citigroup Theater.

Outside of dance, Alan is a full stack software engineer.