Joanna Caporusso Puglisi

Director, Alumni Relations

Joanna Puglisi

Joanna Puglisi was named Assistant Director, Alumni Relations in November 2014. Puglisi manages the stewardship and cultivation of the school’s vibrant and diverse alumni community. She is responsible for creating various types of programs and events to engage alumni in the cultural, intellectual, and academic life of NYU and Tisch School of the Arts.

Puglisi has been a valued member of the Tisch External Affairs, Development, and Alumni Relations team since 2009. In her previous role as the Assistant to the Assistant Dean, Puglisi managed daily operations, social media, and she served as a liaison to the Dean, the departments across the school, and to University Development and Alumni Relations.

Puglisi plans Tisch at Sundance, the school’s largest alumni event of the year, and will expand the School's festival presence in 2016, including SXSW. She manages numerous fundraising and alumni events for the department, and plays a critical role in the planning and execution of the Tisch Gala.

Puglisi is dedicated to working with the Dean, the school leadership, all of the departments and institutes, and our established alumni organizations to improve and enhance the school's relationship with its talented alumni.