Fall 2018 Office Hours

All office hour appointments can be scheduled using the Office Hours binder at the front desk of Performance Studies (721 Broadway, 6th Floor) or by calling the department at 212-998-1620, unless otherwise noted.


André Lepecki 604  TBD
Barbara Browning 620 TBD
Malik Gaines 606 TBD
Deborah Kapchan 617 TBD
Fred Moten 621 TBD
Ann Pellegrini  605 TBD
Karen Shimakawa 619 TBD
Diana Taylor 623 TBD
Alexandra T. Vazquez 615 TBD
Allen S. Weiss 625 TBD

Adjunct Faculty and TAs

Nick Bazzano TBD TBD
Patricia Clough TBD TBD
Cynthia Delgado Huitron TBD TBD
Olivia Gagnon TBD TBD
Laura Harris TBD TBD
James McMaster TBD TBD
Eva Meyer TBD TBD
Sarah Richter TBD TBD
Christina Yang TBD TBD
Hentyle Yapp TBD TBD


Laura Fortes 601 TBD
Noel Rodriguez 602 Sign up on Calendly