Ignite your creativity, collaborate, and re-imagine how you engage with the world around you.

The mission of the Open Arts curriculum is to provide a learning environment open to all NYU students offering foundational knowledge and practice in performing, cinematic, and/or emerging media arts and studies.  In Open Arts, every student has the opportunity to integrate and apply arts practice and process to their own field of study, and to engage in creative interaction with a wide range of students across the university network, both local and global.  

Open Arts is a vital and innovative space for interdisciplinary study, serving all the departments at the Tisch School of the Arts and all the schools at the University.

No matter your discipline, your field of study, your path in life, Open Arts can be the portal to a life with the arts – and that is a glorious, engaged, lively and exhilarating life indeed.

Mary Bitel

Mary Bitel

Chair, Open Arts