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Welcome from Mark Wing-Davey, Chair 

If you are a young passionate hard-working actor, whatever your background and personal circumstances, who wants to have not just a career but a life as an artist — in the theater, in film, in TV, in emerging theatrical media, in fact wherever an embodiment of what it’s like to be human is needed — then we are looking for you.

We’re looking for people however whose artistic ambitions lie beyond themselves, who enjoy or imagine they’ll enjoy being part of a company. The training here is an exhilarating mix of the monastic and the outgoing. You engage with New York City in all its diversity, both passively and actively. You study minutely and are studied minutely in all those aspects that make up the total actor: sense of selfhood and sense of the other, technique and imagination, discipline and freedom. 

We won’t teach you how to act. But we will help you to develop, to expand what you know you already have and, crucially, what you don’t know you already have.

Good luck,

Mark Wing-Davey
Chair, Graduate Acting Program

"Our mission is to send robust, curious, resourceful, engaged artisans out into the world, actors who will combine their own identities and passions with their intense training to reveal the complexities of the 21st Century universe to a vast audience. We graduate actor/citizens who will invent the future."

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Mark Wing-Davey

Chair, Graduate Acting Program