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Message from Dean Green

Dear Tisch Community,

I want to be the first to congratulate you on completing the semester and for creating a memorable year in the history of the Tisch School of the Arts. Your achievements are extraordinary, and I’m so happy to share these online and throughout the school’s digital displays. Bravo!

There’s no better time in our world for artists, scholars, and entrepreneurs like you … like all of us … to go to work, to create, to make, to research, to write, and to share. Earlier this year at the Tisch Gala, I based my remarks on three words: Inspire. Aspire. Gratitude. 

Inspire. Who inspires you? What fills you up, provoking a spark, the exhilaration, or provocation of something, someone, who causes you to inhale, holding your breath with wonder?

Aspire. Where do you aim? What is your dream, that yearning direction, that fire in the belly and passion in your heart, which causes you to rise up and soar - to exhale with a “WOW!”

Inspire, Aspire - Two verbs, animating the noun of Gratitude.

And that’s how I’d like to end the semester, in gratitude.

I’m grateful this year for the ways in which I’ve seen you call each other IN to conversations. We must not forget how important it is to build bridges of empathy with people with different points of view. We must all work to maintain an open, welcome, and inclusive community at the Tisch School of the Arts. I’m also grateful at this time in our world to be in a community with all of you; you inspire me. 

Before we head into our summer adventures, let’s celebrate all that you have achieved. I look forward to seeing your final projects, presentations, screenings, shows, and performances leading up to our Salute to the Class of 2017 at Radio City Music Hall on May 19. I invite you to stop on another floor, walk to the East Village, down to Mercer Street or take the subway to Brooklyn to see all of the work created this semester. You will be amazed!

Be safe this summer. Find time to rest, restore, reflect, and celebrate all that you have accomplished! Think about your inspirations, contemplate your aspirations, and make time for gratitude.


Allyson Green