Apply to Collaborative Arts

Applications Open August 1, 2018

There are two required components to complete your application. Applicants to the new BFA in Collaborative Arts must complete both the NYU Common Application as well as submit a creative portfolio.

1. NYU Common Application

You must complete the Common Application with the NYU Supplement: Please refer to the NYU Undergraduate Admissions website for more information about applying to NYU:


You must prepare a three-part creative portfolio and submit via the program's online application system, SLATE. You can register and set up a Slate program account at this link (available August 1st).


Freshman Early Decision 1: uploaded by November 1st
Freshman Early Decision 2: uploaded by January 1st
Freshman Regular Decision: uploaded by January 1st
Internal Transfer/Change of Major/Double Major: uploaded by March 1st
External Transfer: uploaded by April 1st


Part 1

Please list the following in approximately one page:

1) creative and academic work

2) special skills

3) activities and hobbies

Part 2

A short essay (1-2 pages, double spaced, 12-pt font, one-inch margins) answering the following questions:

1) Why is this program a fit for you? Please address why are you interested in the study and practice of different art forms in collaboration, rather than focusing on one specific practice? 

2) What is an example of a meaningful group collaboration that you have been a part of (artistic, athletic, social, etc.)? 


Part 3

A sample of your creative work. Please choose one creative discipline that you think best expresses your strengths and interests. You should submit your sample from the following categories:

a) Performance: Submit a video consisting of two stylistically distinct monologues, drawn from contemporary plays or movies. Both monologues must be under two minutes in length, at least one must be drawn from a published play. Please introduce each monologue with title and author.

b) Movement: Submit a video consisting of two movement pieces. You should be a featured dancer in at least one piece and ideally one work should be choreographed by you. Please provide a brief statement about each piece explaining your goals and participation in the work.

c) Visualization (Choose one of the following):

     1. One short film, or excerpts from a longer piece, up to 7 minutes in length. The sample can be live action, animation, fictional, experimental, or documentary.

     2. A portfolio of images of your original work from other visual arts disciplines, such as photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, set design, or mixed-media art. The minimum number of images is 10, maximum 20.  Include a one-page essay explaining the work and documenting your process.

d) Writing: a 5-10 page sample of a stage play, screenplay or script for television. Ideally, this excerpt will demonstrate an ability to propel traditional narrative storytelling through characters in conflict.

e) New Media: Upload a Powerpoint presentation that represents your app, game, program, website design, or other digital media. Include a one-page essay explaining the work and documenting your process.

f) Collaborative Project: Upload a PowerPoint presentation of at least 10 slides outlining a collaborative arts project that you initiated, managed, or produced. The presentation must describe your role in all aspects of the artistic collaboration and the final presentation of the project.