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Programs & Affiliations

Department Programs

We are situated in New York City's legendary Greenwich Village and encourage students to take full advantage of the city's unparalleled resources for seeing performances of all kinds, conducting research, and professional development. Our events and affiliations give students access to invaluable intellectual exchange among artists, theorists, and scholars.

Annual José Esteban Muñoz Memorial Lecture

The Depa­rtment of Performance Studies inaugurated the distinguished José Esteban Muñoz Memorial Lectures, on an annual basis, starting in the Spring of 2016. We envisioned the series as an annual event that both honors the memory of this celebrated teacher and scholar, and focuses attention on the cutting edge of the field of Performance Studies. Learn more.

Salon Series

The ​Performance Studies ​Salon Series ​is a student-run initiative that ​invite​s​ current students, faculty and alumni to come together and share their skills in the field of Performance Studies. Learn more.

Lecture Series

The Performance Studies Lecture Series is a series of evening events featuring preminent scholars and practioners in the fields of art and performance and is designed to create an informal and intimate setting for rich intellectual exchange among artists, students, and scholars. Learn more.


Annual Community Event

PRAXIS, a special all-day Performance Studies community event, brings together current students, alumni, faculty, staff, prospective students and friends, to learn new skills, engage in important conversations, and stay connected with colleagues and peers. Learn more.

Department Affiliations

The Drama Review

TDR: The Drama Review is the journal of performance studies. A forum for radical performance and theoretical intervention, TDR engages performance in its aesthetic, historical, social, economic, political, and theoretical contexts. The disciplinary zone of performance is conceived broadly – dance, theatre, music, visual arts, sound, architecture, media, everyday events, sports – emphasizing the experimental, the critical, and the provocative. Learn more.

Women & Performance

Women & Performance was founded in 1983 by graduate students in the Department of Performance Studies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  The journal publishes interdisciplinary feminist scholarship on performance, broadly construed.

Since its inception the journal has operated as a feminist collective.  Faculty and graduate students from a variety of disciplines volunteer their time and collectively edit each issue of Women & Performance.  After self-publishing for 23 years, Women & Performance was acquired by Routledge, Taylor & Francis.  With each issue we continue our mission of extending and reformulating notions of gender and performance.

Learn more.