Goldie Luxe

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Goldie is a graduate of the M.A. Program in Performance Studies and focused her work on the ways femininity is learned, received, and perceived. She received her B.A. in Music from Denison University where she studied Vocal Performance, Theatre and French. Following graduation, she worked in Public Relations at Louis Vuitton North America while moonlighting at the Fashion Institute of Technology to get her Pattern Making certification. Her dual passion for fashion and music have lead her to an interest in the Hyper-"feminine." 

Why PS @ NYU

About two years ago I began auditing classes after my 9-to-5 in the fashion industry hoping to take my career a new direction. I was lucky enough to find my way into courses taught Ricardo Montez and Joshua Lubin-Levy, both graduates of this program. They exposed me to so much of the seminal work that came out this department and helped me craft my own ideas within that framework. 

I am so thankful to have been exposed to the work of José Muñoz. He has had such a massive impact on my writing and research. Even though I never had the pleasure of working with him, his imprint on the faculty is undeniable. His presence seems to hang in the air like the sillage of a perfume. It's an environment that I thrive in and in the end it just felt like where I belonged. 

Degrees Prior to PS @ NYU

  • B.A., Music (Vocal Performance), Minors in Theatre and French, Denison University
  • Certificate in Women's Wear Design, Instituto di Moda Burgo, Milan, Italy
  • Pattern Making Certificate, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY

Areas of Study & Concentration

  • Trans Studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Feminist and Post-Feminist Theory
  • Pop Studies
  • Warhol
  • Glamour Studies
  • Perfumery
  • Temporalities
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fame
  • Francophone Studies

Current Employment/Projects

My main focus is working on an EP called The Debutante. Each track on the EP centers a woman I consider a maternal figure in my life and the way she shaped my femininity as a transwoman. Musically the EP draws on popular music from the year I was born, 1991. This project is part of a larger body of work that revolves around these themes, including a childhood memoir The Scent of Perfume: a Queer Origin Story at the End of an Empire and a fragrance Nostalgia.

I am also the co-founder (alongside Kristen Holfeuer) of a new performance series, Evidence. It is an amorphous set of performance nights where PS students are given the opportunity to show works in progress or finished pieces in all mediums of performance. I premiered my piece The Debutante: Goldie Luxe’s World Tour 1991 at the first night of the series this past September. 

"It's an environment that I thrive in and in the end it just felt like where I belonged." - Goldie Luxe