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M.A. Candidate Matthew Wilson Receives Tisch GSO Interdepartmental Grant

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson

M.A. Candidate Matthew Wilson was awarded the Tisch GSO Interdepartmental Grant to facilitate a collective writing exchange between NYU Tisch and the College of Staten Island to connect, ignite and publish the next generation of writers.  Co-facilitated with M.A. Candidate Charles Gershman and the Department of Dramatic Writing, this project utilizes the act of writing and assembly to forge points of contact and intra-connectivity between departments and universities within the City of New York.

Emmy Award winner Matthew Wilson studied Biophysics at Vassar College, where he started a juggling group, supervised the Campus Emergency Medical Service, sang in the Opera Department and conducted micro-surgery on medicinal leeches.  Combining his curiosity for circus and sideshow with his penchant for the health sciences, Matt moved to New York City to pursue medical clowning. His research theorizing the transgressive play of the medical clown was recently published in The Journal of Childhood Studies, drawing from a multidisciplinary background integrating collaborative expressive arts practices within institutional settings. He has guest lectured in the Center for Neural Science here at NYU, appeared regularly on Cyberchase: For Real" on PBS, and toured with Britney Spears.