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PS Insights

Is Performance Studies the right major for you?

Our latest series, PS Insights, asks Performance Studies majors to consider how their academic and artistic interests - as well as extracurricular activities during high school - prepared them to pursue a degree in performance studies. How has the Department of Performance Studies further shaped, informed, and/or expanded those interests? 

The series is a first peek into the PS community, one where teaching and learning extends across disciplines, where leadership and purpose transform academics, and where students have the opportunity to do what matters most to them. Performance Studies students are thinkers, doers, and makers, a vibrant mix of scholars, accomplished theorists, artists, writers, and curators. Performance Studies students come from everywhere, making the Performance Studies community an exceptionally rich one. 




PS Insights itself is built upon a deep commitment to collaboration. Produced and conceptualized by Laura Elena Fortes, Assistant Director of Programs and manager of the undergraduate program in Performance Studies, alongside Performance Studies staff members Katie Adler and Abi Roucka, it was important to us that the project reflected the talents of students across Tisch.

Dora Chen, a Film & Television major, is our Sound Director; Raafae Ghory, a student at the Department of Photography and Imaging, serves as our Director of Photography; and Elizabeth Castano, a student at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, composed the score. 

Katie Adler, our Administrative Coordinator whose background is also in film and television production, worked tirelessly editing each video. And the project came to fruition with the support of our Administrative Aide, Abi Roucka, a graduate of the Department of Cinema Studies at Tisch.

We hope the series invites prospective students, their friends and families, guidance counselors, advisors and more, to explore the Department of Performance Studies. Learn more about Akeem, Annie, and Jackson, their time here at the Department of Performance Studies, and find out if we might be the right academic home for you or someone you know.