I-Lien Ho

MA '07

I-Lien Ho

I-Lien Ho is a performance artist and researcher. She completed MA in Performance Studies at New York University, MPhil in Chinese Studies at Cambridge, and PhD in Performance Practice at University of Exeter. She is interested in how performance can do philosophy, specifically the concept of Kongwu (emptiness, nothingness, 空無) from Daoism and Buddhism. She often improvises with sound artists to explore environments and bodies. She taught at the University of Exeter, and currently she is assistant professor in Theatre Arts at National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.


University of Exeter

Ph.D. - Performance Practice

Exeter, England


University of Cambridge

Master of Philosophy - Chinese Studies

Cambridge, England


New York University

Master of Arts - Performance Studies

New York, New York      


• Poem Without Language: When Writing Becomes Traceless, Leonardo Journal of Arts and Technology, forthcoming 2018

• The Concept of Kongwu (空無, emptiness, nothingness) and Technologies of Writing: Poem Without Language (expanded version), Leonardo On-line, forthcoming 2017

• ‘Intercultural Performance in Taiwan: Discussing Psychophysical Acting Training Workshop’ International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong), ARTiSM, Sept.2016