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Spend part of your summer studying your craft with professional artists and industry professionals in Los Angeles or in one of our exciting study abroad locations. Practical training is enhanced with field trips, performances, and lectures with guest speakers.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

    International Theatre Workshop

    Designed for serious acting students who seek to deepen their existing technique and be exposed to a wide range of approaches to live performance and the creation of original work.

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  • Berlin, Germany

    Summer Dance Residency

    Challenge and transform your notion of choreography and performance by experiencing the European dance scene in Berlin.

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  • Florence, Italy

    Commedia dell'Arte

    Step into the role of the 15th century pesky handmaid, the court jester, the gallant lover.

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  • Florence, Italy

    Film Music

    Spend three weeks in Florence examining the rich history of Italian film music.

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  • Florence, Italy


    Unlock your creativity and write a full-length script for film or theatre.

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  • Havana, Cuba

    Photography on Location in Havana

    Immerse yourself in Cuban culture while creating your own series of photographic essays.

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  • London, England


    London is home to a thriving film and theatre scene, an ideal location to discover the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

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  • Los Angeles, California

    Producing For Film & Television

    Spend a summer on the West Coast and gain hands-on experience and an in-depth look at the LA entertainment community.

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  • Paris, France

    Experimental Production Workshop

    Channel your inner Godard or Truffaut and break the rules of conventional filmmaking. Create original, experimental works while living in the City of Lights.

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  • Prague, Czech Republic

    35mm Filmmaking

    Carry out the vision for your story in a city whose cinematic history stretches back to the early days of the art form itself.

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  • Sydney, Australia

    Sound Storytelling

    Explore the relationships between sound, voice, music and emotion, and how they function in audio and audio-visual narratives.

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