DPI Alum Morgan Rachel Levy published in VSCO Human Journal

Friday, Mar 31, 2017

DPI Alum Morgan Rachel Levy ('07) has published a new body of personal work in VSCO's Human Journal online magazine.

Morgan's intimate and charming photos of her grandmother, captured on instant film, portray a close intergenerational friendship. The series explores the challenges of aging, playfully tracing hopes and fears.

"What started as a small game between the two of us evolved into more complexly staged scenes, concocted to amuse my grandmother and allow her to step out of real life. I wanted her to forget her own forgetting and her new dependence on others. This formerly unstoppable woman deserved to feel wild and free and to have returned to her a kind of freedom that she was slowly being denied. Admittedly, I wanted to step out of real life as well, and into a world in which you don’t have to concede that a person you always conceived of as immortal was also subject to mortality."