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"Photography now dominates the international art scene and the circuit between galleries, museums and art fairs. The digital revolution has made us ubiquitous; everyone is a photographer today, and iPhone 6 'masterpieces' decorate the physical as well as the information highways. Our fight is over, in some ways. Our students arrive tech-smart and  sophisticated, immersed in an endless image-world that can circle in globe with one click. But our mission – to train young people in the art of photographic seeing – seems more important than ever, and like it has just begun. There is a reason for that. The medium’s ubiquity has made it virtually invisible, difficult to distinguish from the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars; like them, the constant stream of images seems like a natural rather than a cultural phenomena. Untangling the histories of pictures, their ideologies, their social relationships and their impact on our self-images is crucial at this point, to insure the vitality of critical thought in the post-modern world." - Shelley Rice, Arts Professor

Senior Portfolio Review Day

Senior Portfolio Review Day

Dean Allyson Green and Chair Deborah Willis look on as reviewers meet with students in the Senior Portfolio Review. In foreground Kate Colabella meeting with Sam Barzilay, Creative Director of United Photo Industries and Photoville.