DPI Alum Alice Proujansky Captures the Stories of Refugees in Mexico

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2017

Alum Alice Proujansky (BFA '02) has been documenting the lives of Central Americans fleeing violence in their home countries as they apply for asylum in Mexico. The Intercept has featured her photos and their accompanying stories alongside reporting by Cora Currier. From the March 12, 2017 article:

"...the gang violence, kidnappings, and extortion sending families fleeing from the 'Northern Triangle' comprising El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala hasn’t stopped. The area has the highest murder rate in the world outside a war zone, and people are still coming to Mexico. Only now, as photographer Alice Proujansky documents, they are taking new routes and facing new dangers.

'Entire families arrive with little more than backpacks,' Proujansky said. 'Women and children are particularly vulnerable: Increased enforcement on freight trains has driven migrants to ride buses and walk on isolated routes where they face robbery, assault, and sexual violence.'"