DPI Alum Hank Willis Thomas Opens Solo Show in London

Thursday, Oct 5, 2017

Hank Willis Thomas in his Brooklyn studio

Hank Willis Thomas in his Brooklyn studio. Photo by Levi Mandel courtesy Ben Brown Fine Arts

    In his first solo exhibition in the UK at Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hank Willis Thomas presents The Beautiful Game comprising new floor and wall based sculptures and quilts. Thomas’s conceptually-based practice spans photography, installation, sculpture and performance.

    The Beautiful Game will explore the intersection of art, sports and geopolitics. These arenas are often thought of as discrete and unrelated, but in fact they have significant overlap and resonance, particularly in relation to modernism, nationalism, colonialism, and human nature across time and culture. Containing sculptures referencing both Brancusi and football, and quilts made from football jerseys that reproduce iconic works of art by Matisse and Picasso as well as Ghanaian Asafo flags, The Beautiful Game alludes to skirmishes on the rugby field or football pitch as well as the battlefields of art, culture, and history.

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