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Future Music Moguls

What is Future Music Moguls?


Future Music Moguls is a twelve-week workshop designed to introduce sixteen talented high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to all aspects of the contemporary music business each spring. Free to participants, the program is held at The Clive Davis Institute's facilities on Saturdays between February and May. The workshop focuses its recruitment efforts on underrepresented groups, particularly students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in the New York tri-state area.

Students who participate in Future Music Moguls not only learn about the creative process behind the writing and recording of hit songs, but they're also exposed to the exciting behind-the-scenes business decisions that help music wind up in the hands of audiences around the world. With a strong emphasis on current issues and rising trends in the distribution and delivery of music, students learn about music entrepreneurship and are introduced to issues in financial literacy that can be applied to a wide range of future activities, music related or otherwise. 



Lead Instructor

Marat Berenstein is an artist manager who works in all areas of the music business. After graduating from Columbia University in 2004, Marat went to work for Art Garfunkel as personal assistant and tour manager. In 2008, Marat launched Hit Me Music to help emerging artists license music for television, film, video games, and advertising. Marat was nominated for Billboard's "30 Under 30” list in 2011, and the following year, he joined the faculty at the Clive Davis Institute. In 2014, Marat formed the Marat Berenstein Company to develop new projects. Marat lives in New York and practices Bikram Yoga.


Technical Instructor

With fifteen years of experience under her belt, Abhita Austin is a unique talent in the recording industry. She developed her craft in the late 90s at Manhattan's Quad Recording studios while working with artists like Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot, Common and Roy Ayers. Then, on the Warner Bros. Urban Music label, Abhita recorded chart-topping artists like Anthony Hamilton and Craig David, and also recorded and mixed songs for the Grammy Award winning R&B group Product G&B. As Staff Engineer at Sabella Recording Studios, Abhita worked with artists from a variety of genres ranging from gospel, with Grammy Award-winning artist Donnie McClurkin, to jazz, with guitar-god Derek Trucks. In 2009, Abhita expanded her creative and entrepreneurial vision and opened Hidden Chapel Studios, a boutique recording facility in the heart of Long Island.


Participants in the workshop develop the leadership skills necessary for success in any field by engaging in exercises and practices in concept development and execution, decision-making and consensus building, collaboration and communication, and are expected to adhere to industry standards of punctuality and professionalism.

An ideal candidate may demonstrate:

  • a strong interest and/or participation in music or the music industry
  • high academic achievement
  • a strong ability to work as a team member and willingness to collaborate
  • a firm commitment to completing the entire workshop


Please read through the Spring Future Artist Program Requirements Page to learn how to apply.

Applications are normally due in November and applicants are notified in mid December.  Check out the Tisch Special Programs Admissions Calendar for exact dates and deadlines.

Applicants must complete all below components of the application in order to be considered for admission:

Online Application

Each applicant must register and submit an online application. You must be prepared to provide the following:

o Basic personal information

o Basic educational information

o An artistic resume that identifies recent leadership roles you've held or creative activities with which you've been involved in and out of school, such as internships, clubs, music (i.e. composition, arranging, songwriting, performing, etc.).

o Three brief essays: 

1. Identify ONE artist whose music has made a significant personal impact on your life. Explain why you've selected that artist, addressing aspects of their music that strike you in terms of production, artistry, marketing, or promotion. Why is the artist you have selected relevant to the music industry from a musical, cultural, and\/or historical perspective?

2. The music industry is built around collaboration and teamwork. Please describe an example (artistic, academic, or extracurricular in nature) where you participated in a collaborative or team setting. What did you learn from that experience?

3. Today's leading music executives all have entrepreneurial skills, motivation and drive, the ability to collaborate well with others, and the vision and passion to innovate and think ahead of the curve. Why do you feel you are an ideal candidate for this program? Identify the unique qualities you have that you plan to bring to the program. And what do you hope to learn while in the program?

Optional - Do you have any links that help showcase your talent (Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Tumblr)? If so, include them in your creative résumé.

Academic Report Form & High School Transcript

Request your transcripts early. You should allow at least 2-4 weeks for processing and delivery to Tisch Special Programs. Your official transcripts must be received (not postmarked) in our office by the application deadline. If we have not received your official transcripts by the application deadline, your application will not be considered for admission.

  • Official transcripts must be issued directly from the high school to Tisch Special Programs and should be sent via one of the following methods:

    • Email: This is our preferred delivery method.

      • Emailed transcripts must come from your school's email address or an official transcript service on behalf of your school.

      • Our email address is tisch.special.admissions@nyu.edu

    • Fax: Our fax number is 212-995-4578

      • a cover page from school;

      • student’s name;

      • student’s cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale

    • Mail: Mailed transcripts must be sealed and issued directly from your school to:

  • Tisch Office of Special Programs
    New York University
    721 Broadway, Rm 1248
    New York NY  10003

Homeschooled Applicants

Personal Recommendation Form

Within the online application, please enter the name and email address of your recommender. The recommendation must be from a high school representative, ideally one who is familiar with your interest in the performing or media arts. You have the option of adding a second recommender, however only one is required.

Register your recommender early! After sending the recommendation form, please be sure to follow up with your recommender to ensure that they have received it. You should allow your recommender 1-2 weeks to complete the recommendation. Recommendations must be received by the application deadline.

Once you submit your recommender's information, they are emailed instructions on how to submit their online recommendation. If a recommender has trouble completing his/her online recommendation please have him/her contact our office. You will be emailed confirmation that the recommendation has been received. The subject of the confirmation email is “Tisch Application Reference Submission”.

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please contact the Clive Davis Institute at 212.992.8400 or future.musicmoguls@nyu.edu

The Future Music Moguls program was not just an introduction to learning about the music business, it was an introduction to an amazing university. The program opened my eyes to infinitely more aspects of the music business. I was excited every week, waiting for Saturday to come. Walking into NYU each weekend was an adventure; we all worked so well together, and we plan to continue working together to create more music. Huge thanks to New York University and The Clive Davis Institute, for offering high school students this life-changing opportunity.

— Alec Druth, Future Music Moguls, 2015