Friday, May 13, 2016

This work is a series based on seeing with every eye. Our cohort has spent the last 8 months locating ourselves within each other, and locating ourselves outside of our comfort. We became divorced from our various spaces of self determination. We made determination of cultural equity personal. We saw the ugly of the world and the beauty of possibility and took it personal. This is about a year of pushing ourselves towards an intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual break down. This is about a year of collaborative rebuilding.  As you read this, know that you are at the site of raw triangulation-- here the construction of our identity relied on who we are, who we are not, who we endeavor to be, and the allowances we are privileged enough to give. This is about the work left to do in our communities and in ourselves. We want to incite, be in sight, in translation, and in conversation--with each other, with the world, and especially with you.  - Arts Politics Class of 2016

In Site is a series of original performances and installations in the Kimmel Windows at New York University, May 3 - May 18, 2016. The work is created by students of the MA in Arts Politics as part of a course entitled Seminar in Cultural Activism.