Application Deadline: January 15, 2019

Admission is based on an evaluation of previous creative and academic achievements, a clear sense of critical direction, and compatibility with the aims and ideas of the program. Successful applicants come from various backgrounds, including practicing artists, those working within the arts, community organizers and those with many years professional experience or more recently out of an undergraduate program.

To apply, complete the online application and upload supporting materials as instructed.

Required Supporting Materials:

  1. Professional Resume - listing creative and academic background, work experience, creative work, critical writing, civic, activist, and community-based engagements, performances, installations, published work, etc

  2. Statement of Purpose – 2-3 double-spaced pages, addressing (a) your critical, activist, and professional trajectory, in particular the resources you have garnered and the most salient constraints you have encountered; (b) your reflections on key and pressing issues in arts politics generally; and (c) the difference to your work and thought that you hope the program will make, and the project or intervention you would like to engage in during and after the program.

  3. Writing Sample – that reflects your ability to carry out sustained academic research and critical writing, and to successfully complete interdisciplinary graduate course work. A substantive essay is recommended but longer samples are acceptable, e.g., samples or documentation of creative and critical work or documentation or writings about activist, institutional, or organizational projects which you have initiated or taken a significant role in directing

  4. Two Letters of Recommendation – submitted using the online letter of recommendation system.

  5. Copies of Academic Transcripts - from any schools in which you received a college degree or attended for two or more years.

Applicants may be asked to interview via Skype after an initial application review.

International students also must follow the requirements as outlined in the International Application Requirements page.

*Completion of the GRE is not required for admission into the MA Arts Politics program

**The online application fee is $65 and can be paid via credit card or e-check.