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The Tisch Department of Dance seeks to develop and prepare fully realized dance artists to be critical thinkers, fearless leaders, and fluent performers. Non-majors are invited to participate in this development and may register for any of the following courses. 


Intermediate to Advanced Ballet

DANC-UT 1800 | 1 unit | Instructor: Daria Kendus, Selina Chau

This course is a continuation of classical ballet training designed for students who have had previous ballet experience and are currently looking to enhance their technical and performance skills. Students will explore the different styles of ballet training and performance presentation through practice, video viewing and discussions. 

A thorough ballet-barre will be given in each class. Students will then explore center practices. The technical content is based on intermediate-to-advanced-level class with the goal to refine adagio, turns and jumps in the center. Through the instruction of proper alignment and dynamic imagery, students will learn how to dance safely and improve their technical skills effectively. Students will also get to experience the various styles of ballet through learning and practicing different classical variations in class.

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Introduction to Dance Science

DANC-UT 1604 | 1 unit | Instructor: Professor Betsy Coker

This course will introduce students to the burgeoning field of dance science. Topics will address the foundations of how we create, control, and learn movement; special topics include mental imagery for dance, and injury prevention/rehabilitation. The main goals of the class are to develop fluency in basic neurophysiology of movement, to challenge assumptions about optimal environments for movement learning, and to create a deeper understanding of how the body and brain interact as a dynamic system. No prior college-level math or science required.

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Lighting Design and Production

DANC-UT 1051 | 2 units | Insructor: Susan Hamburger

This class will deal with the visual and conceptual elements of stage lighting, as it pertains to dance. Students will learn practical skills for collaborating with designers on a concert.

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