DPI Prof Sean Fader Interviewed by ArtSlant

Tuesday, Apr 4, 2017

Following the installation of his work, 365 Profile Pics, in the SPRING/BREAK Art Show, DPI Adjunct Professor Sean Fader was interviewed by ArtSlant regarding the year-long process of producing his photographs and his relationship to his images.

Fader's digitally manipulated self-portraits are an exercise in performance as well as photography. They raise questions of authenticity, identity, and desire within today's milleu of Instagram selfies and fleeting Snapchat stories.

"They all feel like me and yet they’re not me at all—but isn’t this what everyone is doing these days? People distill themselves into a snap, a gram, a tweet, or a status. These tiny bits are meant to project who they are, but in fact these images are and are not them."

The interview was published on ArtSlant's website on March 2, 2017.