Aperture On Sight exhibition now on view

Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017

person in purple light by window. photo by krystopher d grade 6 storefront academy harlem

Now available as a free and open source tool, the Aperture On Sight curriculum is designed to teach visual literacy through working with photography and creating photobooks. It builds students’ abilities to communicate as visual storytellers, develops them as creative and critical thinkers, and builds their capacity for academic and professional success. 

The Aperture On Sight curriculum relies on the equation form + content + context = meaning as a framework for lesson plans that guide teachers working with students in grades six through twelve. 

Aperture On Sight was conceived by Sarah Anne McNear, Deputy Director for External Affairs and Public Programs, and was written by Sarah Anne McNear and DPI Alum Alice Proujansky ('02), Coordinator for Educational Partnerships, with contributions by DPI Alum Zalika Azim ('14) among others. 

You can see photographs and photobooks made by students of Aperture’s 2016/17 visual literacy program, On Sight on view at Aperture’s gallery through August 17. Works by students of both Alice Proujansky and Zalika Azim are featured in the exhibition.