Race, Racism and Xenophobia in a Global Context II

How does racism and discrimination operate in different geographical contexts, reflecting local tensions and prejudices and intersecting with issues of nationality, class, gender, religion, marginality, citizenship, and globalization?

How does location affect the way in which we think about the social constructions of race and race relations?

What role do historical experiences of slavery, discrimination and colonialism play?

How does the current migration crisis in Europe and rising Islamophobia help us better understand the similarities and differences between the U.S. and Europe?

Following last spring’s successful ‘Teach-In’ at NYU Florence, La Pietra Dialogues is bringing its ‘R2X’ dialogue to New York, with the support of the NYU Florence R2X student team and featuring scholars, artists, and activists from across NYU.

What can we gain from a transatlantic reflection on these issues?

Participating NYU scholars from: College of Arts and Science, Tisch School of the Arts Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development NYU Law School, Latin American/Caribbean Studies Department Liberal Studies, Asian/Pacific/American Institute NYU students will introduce, moderate and perform throughout the day