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Transformations I 2016

Transformations I: Cinema and Media Studies Research Meets Digital Humanities Tools

The increasing momentum of Digital Humanities (DH) in many fields compels consideration of a new interrelation or conjuncture with Cinema and Media Studies (C&MS), or C&MS/DH.

Confirmed participants for the Transformations I 2016 conference include:
Steve F. Anderson (USC)
Marsha Kinder (USC)
Eric Hoyt (University Wisconsin-Madison)
Mark Williams (Dartmouth University)
Debashree Mukherjee (Columbia University)
Vito Adriaensens (University of Belgium)
Mark Newton (Columbia)
Deb Verhoeven (Deakin University)
Steve Mamber (UCLA)
Antonia Lant (NYU)
Jane Gaines (Columbia)
Kimon Keramidas (NYU)
Marina Hassapopoulou (NYU)

The full conference schedule is available at the conference website.
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