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Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015

ITP Student Project

ITP Student Project

Welcome to the new For two years, almost 100 people have been working to build a site that represents the Tisch School of the Arts. The school itself is unlike any other, and it is important to us that the website is too.

So what will you see? First, great design. No two departments are exactly alike at Tisch. The same goes for this site. The design is flexible enough to allow our departments to genuinely represent the diverse voices in the community while sharing a defined set of functional elements like galleries and virtual tours. We want to stimulate your imagination, and we want you to feel as if you’ve walked into one of our buildings and had the most amazing conversation with someone who works or studies here.

Behind that great design is a complex infrastructure that delivers the information you need the most. If you have a university NetID and password, log in and you’ll see a subtle personalization of content and full access to the functionality of NYUHome. And if you have no idea what that is, don’t worry, the search tool is pretty incredible.

There is one thing you must know about the new – it’s all about the connection you have with the school. We want you to see the work that our artists and scholars create, we want you to attend our events and lectures, and for those of you who see yourself studying here, we want you to apply. And if you’re already here, even better. We need you to help us take full advantage of this powerful platform by sharing your work and events with us. The world is waiting to see your work.

This is a big change for us, and we’re proud of it. We're also pretty sure you’re going to see something that we’ve missed. Let us know how we can improve. We’ve committed to coming back every day to make the site better, and you should come back often to see what we’re creating.

With Thanks To An Entire Community

The Website Committee

Allyson Green, Dean
Mary Schmidt Campbell
Ken Tabachnick
Robert Cameron
Andrew Uriarte
Josh Murray
Joshua Sanchez
Minghui Hu

Kevin Tan

Jeremy Schug
Christian Pichler

Cedric Caplat

Frank Lantz

Brianne Hayes

Lorie Novak

John Warren

Alyssa Leal

Jay Anania

Andrew Lieberman

Shawn Van Every

Anita Gupta

Laura Fortes

Karl Peterson

Karl Ward

Blue State Digital

Alex Stanton
Laura Kunkel
Wiley Bowen
Ellen Yusti
Chris Jordan
Alex Berger


Bill Moss
Andy Maliszewski
Jill Appel
Eric Bross
Eric Rasmussen

Content Editors in the Departments

Ashley Vickery
Barbara Cokorinos
Bonita Engel 

Brian D Cavanagh-Strong 

Brianne Hayes 

Craig Foisy
Sarah Ryndak

Chris Andersson 

Dan O'Sullivan   

Dana Whitco 

Edgar A Castillo 

Emily Brown   

Kristin Kallacky
Gordon Leary
Gregory Chan 

Indah Walsh 

Jessica Holmes 

Joanna Puglisi

Jodi Bailey
Joe McGowan 

Katherine Short  

Kevin D Spain   

Laura Elena Fortes 

Lydia Mokdessi 

Mariangela Lardaro  

Matthew Harvey  

Mercer Crenshaw         

Midori L Yasuda   

Neysa A Lozano  

Nikki Mirasola

Paul Galando
Sang-Jin Bae

Stanley Pradel 

Chris Chan Roberson
Andrew McLean
Hali Alspach
Jaqueline Milles
Kathy Engel
Karen Shimakawa